Friday, July 06, 2007

Something Different

It was sitting there, untouched for a few years now. Out of the blue, I decided it's time. Once I sat down, took a deep breath and "DOINK!!!" oh.... oops! *embarrassed*

Yeah.. I haven't laid a finger on the piano for a couple of years now, so I'm very rusty. Playing for half an hour made me realize how much I missed out in practice. I can't play out a decent song without making tones of mistakes. So I really need to practice, practice and practice this week.

It finally rained today, well... more like a drizzle. Hey, it is better than nothing. Moreover, it is extremely windy too. I love the wind. Sometimes I wish it would blow so hard that it could blew me from places to places. It makes you feel like you are floating on cushions of air, flying and reaching to the skies... But it never happens.. Sigh..

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