Friday, March 23, 2007

Penang Hokkien Night's Out

Message Alert! "we in a car, we ride slow..." Danity Kane sings...

'Wan2have dinner 2gether at 7pm2nig?'

That's where the fun begins. Few of my Penang friends and I got together to grab dinner. I thought we were going to someplace normal like hawkers' centre or Sunway Pyramid. However, we end up going to the Curve! Kee Chaw picked us up at 7.30pm and we got there at 8.20pm. Traffic was bad but it was unnoticeable as we were chatting, teasing and laughing in the car!

As usual, when we got there, we do not know what to eat though Yi Zhi was grumbling all the way (well.. most of the time) that he is hungry. We ended up in a semi high class restaurant called Italliannics. Hehehe.. some of us wore flip flops in the restaurant, thankfully we were not kick out. Joking around and speaking in Hokkien do make us feel like we were in Penang.

After we ordered our food for just 5 minutes, the food came. I tell you, we were all shocked thinking 'WAH! Service so good ah but why the portion so small?' As we were poking on the huge meatballs of the spaghetti, one of the waitress came and apologized that it was not our order! That's why Mummy always says not to play with our food, but do we listen? NO! By the way, the beverages there are not so good still it is expensive. So not worth it!

Food was all right. We thought of walking around and shop a bit. Most of the shops were closed as it was already 10pm, so we were not able to shop. Still, Yi Zhi did took the opportunity to buy a pair of brown-checks Adidas sneakers which Kee Chaw and I do not fancy it at all. It cost RM 230~! Then, we went to Paddington House of Pancakes for dessert! It was getting late and there was not many people around. Being young, we love to hang out and chit chat for quite sometime. It was until 11.05pm that we decided to head back. This was the first time this year I went out this late. But I had fun! Second year in uni does stress us out but we know how to have our fun~!

Italiannics - Menu

Khye Wah, Yi Zhi and Kee Chaw - Penang Hokkien ChungLing ex-students

Saik Su is not smiling because I interrupted her eating to take this picture :P

Spaghetti with GIANT meatballs - they are huge!

Beef Pepperoni Pizza~

Maple Syrup with Ice Cream and Banana Slices... YUM!

Saik Su looks so ADORABLE in this picture! LOLX!

Yes! Laughing is the best medicine!

Khye Wah is 'disturbed' with the waiter looking at him when drinking his Mocha Ice Blended with Chocolate Ice Cream.

Treasure Box - sweeeet~!

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