Wednesday, September 06, 2006


On the 2nd September, I met up with one of my closest friends during college, ah WEE~!!! That's her surname by the way! Haha~ She is still the same sweet, fun and wonderful person that I used to know. I haven't seen her in ages as we were both busy with our different university life styles. It was great to see her again, although I do think she had gotten thinner (Don't deny it, Sin!!). We spent almost 2-3 hours chatting about our hectic uni life, relationship, lecturers, friends and oh... Just basically everything!!! Haha!!! Even after for so long, we can still talk about everything! For instance, the day before our little reunion, I called her up to ask her where she wants to meet up. We end up talking for almost one hour, and still had not made a decision on where to meet up! I guess we just miss each other too much! Hehehe...!! If Soo Zhen was here, we will talk for a whole day without realizing it!!!

Isn't she the sweetest??

It is such a shame that I can only meet up with Sin for just one day, but my KL uni life is constantly calling me to go back and work my ass off. *SIGH* Anyway, Serene turn nineteen on the 4th (hahha! yupe... Getting older!). We just had lunch together to enjoy each other's company. Besides the fact that our food came about 45 minutes later, we had a good time. Then it suddenly hit me, I can't believe that year end is soon approaching. I'm going to miss Kenix as she is leaving for Aussie next year and Serene is the year after that... Time seem so short. It is true when people say, "Cherish each and every moment." I really blessed to have great friends with me throughout my journey of growing up.

Kenix, Kimberly & Serene - LuV Ya!!

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