Friday, July 22, 2005

~short break~

Gosh I hate tests!!! These few weeks we are having tests so much, my brain is going to become like mushy spaghetti!!! First, Dr Teo said he wants to give tests every single week, then Mr Ooi and then Ms Lai~~!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I will end up in Tanjung Rambutan if this keeps up~~!!! *SIGH* Man.... do I need to calm down....

Anyway, hereby I want to CONGRATULATE to my two friends who passed the admission exam to Indonesia to study medicine!!!!~! CHEERS~~!!!!! Oh well... time for them to spread their wings and fly to the unknown... God bless them all the way :D

All right, I better get back to physics class now. Or else my lecturer will starting whinning... *shaking my head in dismay*

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