Thursday, January 07, 2010

Are You Done Talking?

Ever since the video and pictures of the molestation were posted on the net, people have been putting the blame on the Singaporeans who stood by and did nothing.. You see, this is ONE thing that I  dislike the most. It is always the same, when something happen, people will start to point fingers. After they have found a scapegoat, these people start to be all righteous and put the blame on the others, "educating" them how they should do this or that. To me... that is a whole lot of bull. For those Singaporeans who just stood by and watch the whole thing, actually they are just portraying exactly what we would do if we were there. Let's face it, we are all AFRAID of getting ourselves involved. UNLESS a bold person is willing to go up against these four men, someone MIGHT actually follow the lead and give a helping hand. According to the rumors, securities did finally come to the scene and sorted the whole thing.

When I saw the RAZORTV video on how Singaporeans would react if they were there at the scene, they just simply shrugged and said that they won't do anything. Although it seems selfish and ignorant, I really appreciate their honesty. We Asians are brought up in a way to mind our own business and not be so KPC. This is the reality of the world that we live in. So don't go and put the blame on others just because it is convenient for you to open your mouth and make SMART comments just to be part of the entire fiasco. 

Now people are speculating that the 'victim' is a Thai transsexual...

HA! Are you people still going to tell the Singaporeans to help 'her'? Would you even go and help 'her'?


On the side note, what I learned from this incident is that you have to take care of yourself wherever you are. When you reach a certain age, you have to protect yourself. Don't expect people to help you out of these kind of situations. The world is not that kind.


  1. That's human nature. Always pointing finger to each other, and always having the holier than thou attitude.

  2. she asked for it, she deserves it.

  3. @Cleffairy: It is so true! Instead of putting the blame, they should be thinking about what measures to take to improve the security.

    @Sophos: If she is enjoying the whole thing as the rumors circulating, she is a gone case. No self respect at all.

  4. Some people pin pointing are just following the crowd and seeking attention...

  5. Finally a girl from other country not scolding SGs guys T T

  6. well its true... people tend to stand back and watch more rather than getting their hands dirty. i guess nothing can change that. it's already a firm fact of life. :(

    but then again, people shud learn what are the limits. but i guess that could not happen as well. then, the world will be just too peaceful. i'm not saying that a peaceful world is no good. its just that, i dont think there is such a thing called a 'peaceful world'.

    its a sad world. sigh.

  7. @Dylan: it is a sad world. Apparently it is not getting any better, in fact, it has become worse than before.

  8. she asked for it and she didn't even at least tried to push them away! I believe she could have slap those guys!