Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

One evening - it was on the 30th November, 2009 - my dear Cupido and I were enjoying a cup of tea in my small yet cozy sitting room. We were startled by the heavy footsteps on the stairs, and the door of our room was flung open. Both of us were surprised to perceive that our intruder was a skinny chap with a face that was utterly pale and round.
“OH, please, please forgive this intrusion!” he pleaded breathlessly but unaware of his loud and pitchy voice.
“My name is NuffNang, and please, detective, I beg of you, you have to help me!” That’s where the case began...


With that, Mr. Nuffnang left hurriedly, in the pouring rain. “Odd. Such an odd case indeed. Why on earth would anyone steal that picture? What is the significance of that image of Sherlock Holmes? Why did Mr. NuffNang took off so quickly? Ah... Questions, questions, questions... Such thrill!” A smile curled upon my tiny face as I put down my cup of tea. I rose swiftly, grabbed my hat and opened the door, leaving my poor, puzzled Cupido behind...

It was raining heavily. I stood by the damped sidewalk, watching the raindrops rhythmically falling down. There I was thinking about the two clues provided by our skeletal Mr. NuffNang before his immediate departure.


After much speculation, it was time to put my probable deductions to the tests. As I was strolling, a sign with neon lights caught my eye. Ahh... a cybercafe... just what I needed. This must be one of my very fortunate days. I paid to the grumpy old man behind the counter.
“Booth No. 5, girlie” grunted that big old man.
“No. 5 - my favourite number” silently I whispered. Grinning to myself, very fortunate indeed. With just a few clicks, ah ha! I have found my two prominent suspects of this case.


“Elementary, my dear Cupido.” explaining my deductions to my tea companion, Cupido once I returned to my humble abode. The rain then had finally stopped as we sat by the open window, enjoying the light breeze while sipping our cups of tea.
“I have sent a short electronic mail to our dear Mr. NuffNang. I do hope he will reply me soon. There are so many questions that were left unattended previously. I would like a proper explanation from him.” said I while Cupido nodded in agreement.
“Ahhh... wonderful tea, this is...”



  1. I love your post, VERY CREATIVE. Job well done Detective Kim :)
    Do drop by my blog when u r online, cheers...
    Hope we can get to watch the premier of 'Sherlock Holmes'.

  2. Love your posts. You are very creative. :)

  3. Love the comic and the postscript! Smoking is bad for health indeed!

  4. out of the contest entries i've seen.. it's obvious yours is the one with more effort to make this entry a good one =)

  5. @kenwooi: thank you thank you, hopefully I can be one of the 60 winners!