Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learning to Take One Step at a Time

Neglecting blogging for a long time is a very sad, cold and lonely matter... Poor bloggie...

O.K... ew... can't believe I actually thought of that as the opening words for today. Anyway, these two weeks I have been doing some volunteering work at the Penang Spastic Center. It has been so great! I've met a lot of interesting spastic children which I have become friends with. In case you have no idea what SPASTIC means, it is disability that occurs normally during delivery causing the child to have certain damage to the brain, affecting mainly their motor function, resulting unable to walk, speak or involuntary muscle movements. Mind you, they are NOT STUPID at all! Just because they may not appeared to be the normal kids running around, it does not mean that they are mentally challenged. I learnt that through my two weeks here. The people there are really helpful in helping me making my two weeks there worthwhile by teaching me things about Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Learning. I would love to post up some pictures of the kids that I have met but now it's not really sufficient. Hopefully during the weekend or next week. I am rather saddened by the fact that tomorrow will be my last day volunteering but also relieved. Relieved in the sense that I can finally focus on my PTJ and MCAT. Juggling three things for two weeks was not easy at all.

Oh... did I forgot to mention? I have a PJT in short for part time job! Well, I was very thrilled when I got it because I always wanted to earn some extra cash during the holidays. Anyways, this is the site: and you'll know what I am working as. I was never a gadget freak nor ever interested in IT but this kind of exposure taught me a lot of new things. Go ahead and check it out. Do let me know what you think! :

I am also preparing for an university admission test which requires a lot of studying, studying, testing, exam and a whole lot more of studying. And yet... I am slacking. I can't believe I am actually saying this during my HOLIDAY!!! Ohh... well... at least it will make my holiday more worthwhile than just sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing. Anyways, gotta sleep now for the final day in the Spastic Center. Don't wanna be late. Toodles.

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