Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Apple is HERE!

After those tiring, not-so-serene and bumpy ride of 4 and 1/2 hours, I can finally breathe the Penang's fragrance that I have been longing for... CHAR KUEY TEOW! Haha... I ate that in the car when we are on our way to the salon to trim my bushy, messy and extremely thick hair that I had been having for a few months now. Gosh... I really did miss home - from the familiar roads to the food stalls, from the people to the popular complexes and my family - it's been months since I last saw my Mum and Dad. Thankfully, they are in good shape and good health.

We went to Gurney Plaza for dinner and some shopping. I saw several new food outlets =D There is this BIG APPLE Doughnuts & Coffee, a new donut outlet which it has the similar logo and font to STARBUCKS. As usual, there were plenty of people crowding the entire outlet because people are seeking for something new to satisfy their empty and pitiful souls. Always the same of scene. We were there too. For one thing, the donuts there, just by appearance, look wayyy better than the ones in MISSY DONUTS. See for yourselves...

They were really REALLY GOOD! Seriously, the dough doesn't taste funny at all and it is really soft and the filling were so so good! Well.. except for the top left corner, that one is Iceberg - filled with the tingling sensation of vanilla, but to me, it just taste like cream with no flavor at all. We finished all six in 15minutes or so. We just have a knack for sweet things =)

Anyway, only three more weeks till finals arrived. I got to keep reminding myself that my semester break is a STUDY break and not a EATING FRENZY break. Just one night, I ate a whole lot! Control.... must control.... RESIST~~ *breathe in and out*

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