Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tell me Why

Sigh SIGH sigh..... I thought I would get over it, can't believe I'm still thinking about it now. Sigh.... Backstreet Boys is singing LIVE in Sunway Lagoon tonight!~!!! However, I can't join in the fun! Well, I want to go, but my friends aren't really big fans of the BSB. I won't say I am a very big fan but I really like their songs a lot. It's funny, when I was younger, I couldn't go to concerts because of my overprotective parents (not that I blame them though). Now that I'm finally old enough, I can't go because I don't have friends to accompany me! I know some people could just go to this sort of thing by themselves but to me, that's not so much fun. So today, I'm wearing a shirt that states, Don't Let It Go To Your Head. Hopefully, I'll get over it very soon, and focus on something else instead.

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