Sunday, February 17, 2008

I was bored!

As you guys can see for yourselves, I changed my blogskin... AGAIN. No matter how hard I searched or find, I would still ended up with these few colours - PINK, RED & WHITE. What can I say, a girl is still a girl and will always be one.

Only five more days of slacking, playing the fool, daydreaming and comfort before I go back to the life as the university student who complains about assignments, finding excuses and forcing herself to get her priorities right but secretly enjoys every minute and every moment of the life that she is going to experience. Regretfully, till now I haven't even write a word on my report yet. Moreover, I am not mentally prepare for the new semester yet! I'll be 22 in another month or so and I'm still acting like I'm still in high school. Maybe I still haven't left my high school phase...... have I?

DAMN! Have to wait for two more days to find out whether my classes will clash or not! ISH!

Okokok.... calm down. Breathe... hooo.... hmmmm.... hooo... Just write down what I need to do.

Tasks to be done before departure:
1. Iron my clothes
2. Write report
3. Scan my laptop
4. Buy bag and skirt (yes I do need one)
5. Get my hair trim

Hey..! Now that I written it down, it's not a lot as I thought it would be. *RELIEF*

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