Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not Quite There Yet

TWO more days and I'm counting the hours by~!!! I can't believe it! Two months of industrial training is ALMOST over!

I must say, during my training I had my fair share of complaints, and of course as some learning experiences that couldn't be learned through books or testimonies of others. The very first thing I learned at the beginning of my training is that no matter what occupation you are in, all the work are routine and repetitive. And to even think that it is good thing, what was I thinking?!? Doing the same thing everyday, from 9 to 5, is mentally unchallenged and utterly boring! At that particular moment, I was already looking forward to the coming new semester. On the bright side, the people there were really helpful, friendly and patient in showing us the ropes. I will miss the people but definitely not the work, especially the part where we HAD to embrace the odor of urine! *chills* Ohhh that reminds me... I better start thinking how I want to write my report on what have I learned throughout the whole attachment.

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